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Winter Vegetable Chaat
puffed rice salad / tamarind chutney / cilantro / mint

Traditional Indian street food made with puffed rice and crispy chickpea noodles. Our take is adding in seasonal winter vegetables like butternut squash, radish and turnips.

Chikli-Style Pork Ribs
Fennel-coriander dry rub / pickled onion / curry leaf

Chikli is a town that my aunt lives in. She owns a sari shop, so when all the ladies in the family came, they went shopping immediately. The guys, on the other hand, would order these delicious kabobs that would be piping hot, super spicy and served with a chutney made from curry leaf. 

Sweet Potato
turmeric / ginger / pistachio

Lamb Biryani
braised lamb shoulder/ cumin rice / crispy onions

Biryani is a classic dish made with braised meat and aromatic basmati rice. Traditionally a dish for the wealthy, there's no denying that biryani is a special dish enjoyed by a lot of Indians. The meat is braised in a lot of spices until tender and then mixed with rice that has been steamed with cumin.

Buttermilk Cake
spiced apple / saffron yogurt / toasted almond

Earlier Event: June 28
Later Event: April 4